Specialists in Structural Repair and Corrosive Protection

A leader in trenchless technologies, Sewer Savers® has been safely and cost-effectively restoring storm water and sanitary sewer systems since 2000.

Sewer Savers® Champions Trenchless Technology

The corrosive, abrasive and deteriorating environments of storm water and sanitary sewer infrastructures present a formidable and often costly challenge for utilities, municipalities and commercial owners.

Our environmentally friendly trenchless, no-dig solutions target structural repair and corrosive protection with the overall objective to eliminate system shutdown. Replacement or restoration methods and materials save time, money and alleviate the inconvenience and danger of a “big dig.”

We utilize cured in-place applications that protect the system from further deterioration, improve the structural integrity and provide better durability and longevity than replacement or less-proven restoration methods.

These high-performance coatings and processes deliver quality results and cost-saving solutions for aging or debilitating wastewater and collection systems.