Sewer Savers® Delivers Cost-Effective, Efficient Trenchless Solutions

In 2000, Municipal & Contractor Sealing Products, Inc. began as a distributor of sealing products and resins to contractors for use in manhole rehabilitation.

Expanding into the service side of the industry was an easy, natural fit. By 2006, we began servicing municipal contracts that included manhole rehabilitation, culvert restoration and the repair and renewal of pipe lines and sanitary sewer collection systems.

Our experience and expertise is in delivering cost-effective, efficient trenchless solutions. We utilize the latest in coating technology, equipment and application techniques to restore and renew the severely deteriorating storm water and wastewater systems of municipal, commercial and industrial infrastructures.

Our growth is attributed to the dedicated and knowledgeable team who are:

  • Highly skilled, experienced professionals;
  • Trained and certified on products and installation methods; and,
  • Trained to OSHA standards and certified for confined spaces.

Fast becoming a leader in trenchless technologies, Sewer Savers® now serves the municipal and commercial areas of:

  • Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus and Akron, Ohio
  • Louisville and Lexington, Kentucky
  • Indianapolis, Indiana

Give us a call to learn more about the advantages of trenchless technologies!

Structural Repair &
Corrosive Protection

Manhole Rehabilitation

  • Cementitious Linings
  • Survey, Assessment & Restoration
  • Vacuum & Air Testing
  • Smoke & Dye Testing
  • Injection Grouting
  • Casting Replacement
  • Bench & Flow Channel Repair
    Epoxy Coating

Pump / Lift Station Restoration

Storm Water & Sanitary
Sewer Systems Restoration

  • Large Diameter Pipe
  • Corrugated Metal Pipe
  • Reinforced Concrete Pipe
  • Precast Arched or Box Construction

Lateral Pipe Linings

  • Up to 130’

Mainline Sectional Repairs

  • Up to 50’

Residential Outside Cleanout

  • Installations