IPANEX® Sets the Industry Standard for High-Performance Concrete

IPANEX® is a proprietary cement admixture designed to waterproof concrete and provide corrosion control against severe environmental and chemical elements that can damage a concrete structure. IPANEX provides maximum protection against corrosion by severely restricting water and chloride penetration. Using IPANEX eliminates the need for membranes or other coating alternatives.

IPANEX has the same chemical and mineralogical structure that gives Portland cement its properties. It is a complex alkaline earth silicate admixture that chemically reacts with Portland cement to improve the physical and chemical properties of concrete.

IPANEX is designed to control the nucleation and growth of the complex, homogeneous microstructure that inhibits the flow of water and chloride but still allows the concrete breathe. It is the only technology that affects concrete at the nanotechnology level. Since it becomes a part of the microstructure of concrete, it lasts the life of the concrete. In fact, studies have shown that IPANEX-modified concrete will last much longer than ordinary concrete—showing no corrosion after 25 years or more of service.

IPANEX improves the quality of concrete:

  • More durable, less permeable
  • Resists aggressive environmental damage
  • Protects against reinforcement corrosion
  • High-performance, extends service life

Bridges and Roadways

Wastewater Treatment Plants

Parking Garages and Decks

Manholes and Sewer Systems

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