Manhole Rehabilitation and Corrosive Protection Specialists

Sewer Savers® trenchless technologies and expertise provide safe and cost-effective solutions for the deteriorating municipal and commercial sewer collection systems.

Our trenchless solutions and expertise:

  • Target structural repair and corrosive protection to eliminate system shutdown.
  • Specify replacement or restoration methods and materials that save time, money and alleviate the inconvenience and danger of digging.
  • Utilize a specialized high-strength, proprietary blend of mortars, resins and additives that protect the concrete from deterioration, improve structural integrity and provide better durability and longevity than replacement or less-proven restoration methods.

Cured In-Place Applications

  • Cementitious Lining
  • Epoxy, Urethene and Polyurea Spray Linings
  • Lateral Lining
  • Chemical Grout Injection

Manhole Rehabilitation Services

  • Survey, Assessment and Restoration
  • Vacuum and Air Testing
  • Smoke and Dye Testing
  • Injection Grouting
  • Casting Replacement
  • Bench and Flow Channel Repair
  • Cementitious Lining
  • Epoxy Lining

Manhole Restoration PDF

Spraying of cementitious coating
Cementitious-lined manhole
Structurally compromised manhole
Trowel finish compresses concrete