Large Diameter Pipe Restoration

Sewer Savers© provides restoration solutions for the inevitable deterioration of aging concrete and metal storm water and sanitary sewer systems. These compromised drainage flow lines often require replacement or restoration.

To restore these systems, Sewer Savers experts:

  • Utilize a spin cast-in-place restoration method that extends the life of the culvert while providing a structurally sound and economical solution. The staging area for the work is small and there is minimal traffic, flow disruption or diversion.
  • Optional spray polymers can be applied atop the surface or as a standalone to extend the life of the structure. These coatings prevent leakage, abrasion and are resistant to bacterial and chemical exposure.
  • Prepare the compromised pipe using a bypass to divert water around the pipe allowing loose debris to be removed. High-pressure water blasting (3,500 to 4,000 psi) is used to ensure that the substrate is clean and free of sediment and other debris.
  • Utilize a cementitious coating, containing a proprietary blend of additives which makes the final product impermeable. Proper application of this coating extends the life of the concrete or pipe. To prevent cracking and shrinkage, an epoxy is applied to the base coat and a polymer topcoat.

Large Diameter Pipe Restoration Services

Corrugated Metal Pipe
Reinforced Concrete Pipe
Precast Arched or Box Construction

Culvert Restoration PDF  Culvert Restoration PDF

Cleaned and restored culvert with modified urethane coat (after)
Centrifugally cast high-strength cement
Debris-filled, structurally compromised box culvert (before)
Structurally compromised corrugated metal pipe

Sanitary Sewer Line Restoration